• Trialist

    when the trial is the interview

  • Job seekers

    How does it work? Internship to contract

    Opportunity to impress

    3 months contract

    extensible, convertible

    • intern during trial
    • performance evaluation, after 75 days
    • longer term contract upon fulfilment of KPIs
    • KPIs - 
      • defined and agreed at the start of the trial
      • KPIs performance based
  • the keener-than-mustard | the battle-hardy | the been-there-done-that

    the back-to-work-parent | the career-switch

    industry enthusiast

    young graduate, keen on a career in an industry of choice

    we are skilled

    return to work

    took time out, returning to a working world that has moved on

    we are upgraded

    second careerist

    long first career, re-skilled for a second career

    we are re-skilled

  • Employers

    The trial is the interview

    Financial Services


    When domain expertise is necessary, even crucial, you need an industry practitioner.


    care givers

    Where passion and compassion are more needed than head knowledge.


    operations | maintenance

    When experience and expertise are more important than the training.


    operations | maintenance

    When function and willingness are more useful than certification